Monday, June 15, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Straight On Till Morning Summer Haul

The long awaited moment (at least for me) has finally arrived! I have received all of my Fortune Cookie Soap summer products and have tried them all out for your reading pleasure! For organizations sake I will be sorting these by scent, let's go!

I had listed in my Soap Box review what all I had ordered and boy am I pleased! I have no regrets and will be enjoying each and every one of these products! Also orders now come with stickers!! So cute!

Let's start with my favorite scent from the summer soap box, The Captain.  It is described as "Dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream". 

The Captain Perfume Oil


As soon as I experienced this scent I knew I needed it in a perfume.  While the smell is still lovely the wear time is very very short.  Probably less than two hours unfortunately.  I'm also not a fan of these new spray bottles.  I preferred the old normal jar method and would have liked to see a roller bar option.  I feel like I accidentally waste so much product when I spray it on and miss some of my skin. :(

The Captain Aloe Me

This is something that I'm trying for the first time. I already have a Mist Me and really like it for my hair.  This aloe version uses the same formula except with added aloe for summer! I bought this to ease sunburn pain as I'm super pale and burn in the shade.....sigh.  Anyway I can't say how well it alleviates sun burns but when spraying it on my skin it provides a very soothing cool feeling resulting in soft moisturized skin. The scent unfortunately does not linger for very long.
This label got a bit messed up because of leakage from the deodorant.  Also I'm not sure why this is blue as the shampoo and steamers both are red.

The Captain Veggie Protein Deodorant

Next is the deodorant!  I definitely wanted to get one of these and since I wasn't a fan of the Wendy Bird scent I was so glad they also made it in The Captain.  I have mixed feelings about this product so I'm going to review it in a pro and con type fashion.
Pros: This smells amazing as I already knew it would.  It also goes on and the smell lingers for a LONG time.  At least 5 hours later I was still smelling it.  even though it isn't advertised as an antiperspirant I definitely sweat less when wearing this.  Also the ingredients are very natural and make me feel good about what I'm putting onto my skin. 
"This aluminum-free formula contains grapefruit seed extract, which provides natural, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. With summer just around the corner, now's the perfect time to put our new veggie protein deodorant to the test! "Veggie protein deodorant?" Heck yeah!  Featuring a natural protein base that neutralizes odor causing enzymes to simple salt. How cool is that?! 
While it's not an anti-perspirant, and it may need to be applied more than once per day, it's an awesome alternative to commercial options. "
Cons: When I received this it was absolutely a mess. It had melted all over my package, destroying its own label and messing with the ink on my Aloe Me.  I was a bit bummed about this as it was a summer release so you'd think the formula would be able to withstand high temperatures.  It hasn't even gone over 85 degrees recently.  The top layer is now a slight slush as you can see in the picture.  I held it in front of my air conditioner and it seemed to start to harden back up a bit. I currently have it in my fridge, hoping it was completely re-solidify and I can apply it from the tube and not with my fingers. Also it is just a boring off white color.  Since the Wendy Bird sample in teh soap box was blue I expected this to be colored as well.

Next up I'll do The Kiss which is the scent that reminds me of Pez candy!
"Exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water, bursting with fresh citrus juices"

The Kiss Shampoo and Conditioner Bar

Out of all the products I was getting I was most excited for this one! I have never tried a shampoo or conditioner in bar form and I feel it would work so well with my short hair.  In order to try both at once I opted for the shampoo and conditioner bar mix!
In one word I would describe this as...LOVE.  I rub the shampoo part in my hair and I get a lovely sudsy experience.  After rinsing I rub the conditioning half on my hair and let it sit while I finish my shower, then rinse.  Afterwards my hair is so silky soft and tangle free.  I will definitely be ordering shampoo and conditioning bars in the future! :D

The Kiss Wax Tart

This is also my first time trying out their wax tarts.  I was a bit bummed to see that this one was not colored like all the others...I'm not sure why it isn't.  The Kiss lip balm in the soap box was a pale pink so I expected this to be as well. So far the smell itself doesn't seem to fill the room quite liked I'd hoped but I can still smell it when sitting  near to my candle warmer. I cut off a bit of the corner to place in my warmer and i've gotten quite a few hours of burn out of it already so I'm sure these wax tarts will last me quite a while.

Next up is Lost Boys, my second favorite scent from the summer soap box!
"Golden apricot muddled with fresh, white peaches"

Lost Boys Hydrate Me

I was so excited to try the Hydrate Me.  It works by applying it while still in the shower under running water, massaging it in the skin, and then letting yourself air dry.  I have very dry skin and after a bath or a shower I can sometimes be so dry it hurts.  Well this product has solved my problems forever!! I just roll it on my arms and legs at the end of my shower, rub it in, then get out and let my limbs air dry.  I feel so incredible soft and filled with moisture after.  Its like being covered in smooth silky butter.  Normally I have to apply moisturizer to my hands 1-2 times a day but I went over 2 days without having to reapply moisturizer after using this!  This is a definite absolute staple in my shower now!

Lost Boys Perfume Oil

I also grabbed Lost Boys in a perfume because the peach and apricot combo is just lovely.  This lasts a bit longer than The Captain at about 3 hours.  Still not amazing but for whatever reason Fortune Cookie Soap perfumes generally don't last very long. 

The final scent I bought products in was Second Star To The Right.  I between this and Lost Boys as my second perfume and I kind of wish I would have just splurged and gotten three perfumes because this is scent is also so heavenly. 
"Crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane"

Second Star To The Right Wax Tart

I got this scent as a wax tart as well because I can definitely see burning this at night and just relaxing.  The smell is so calming.
This also doesn't have a crazy scent distance but I burn it next to my couch and that's good enough for me.  Once again a tiny little corner is lasting me hours.  These are definitely worth the $2!

Second Star To The Right Linen Spray

And after I'm done burning the tart I can spray my pillow with the Linen Spray and drift off to an aromatic sleep!
Using this makes me regret even more no getting this scent as a perfume.  It is so heavenly.  I spray this on my pillow and it creates an aromatic nighttime experience.  I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later, I'm not 100% on the time that passed because I was dead tired but I could still faintly smell it.  I will definitely be getting more of these.

I am very happy with this order and already can't wait until Fall!
Also they are doing a create your own perfume event soon as well as releasing a Naked collection, which are their same products except scentless so that you can mix your own scent creations from the custom perfumes.  I'm already trying to come up with a few.  So far I have Green Tea, Blueberry, and Honey as well as Rose, Lavender, and Vanilla. I'm so excited! I also have a special one in mind for my boyfriend but I can't share it here as he reads by blog ;)
I'm hoping my mixtures come out smelling as amazing as some of the scents Fortune Cookie Soap produces.

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