Monday, June 8, 2015

NYX Butter Lipstick in Hunk

A few months ago I got a butter lipstick in my Ipsy bag but unfortunately it was not the color I wanted.  Therefore as soon as they listed all the possible colors as point prizes I snatched up Hunk for 500 points!
I really like this formula and am so glad to have both Pops and Hunk in my collection.

Hunk is a semi opaque plum that I feel looks lovely with my skin color and makes my makeup instantly look more summery and bright. Because it is not fully opaque this color looks a bit lighter on my skin than on my lips so keep in mind that if you are darker or paler than me it may look a bit different.
These lipsticks are very creamy and moisturizing, and despite that they actually have good staying power! Hunk in particular leaves behind a beautiful stain that lasted about 3 hours on me until I ate.  I definitely think it had the potential to last longer if I hadn't gotten some lunch.  I definitely do not regret spending my Ipsy points on this!

Where to buy: Ulta,
Price: $6

Did you notice those earrings I have on? I just so happened to have made them today! I bought some wire wrapping materials recently and these earrings were my absolute first attempt at wire wrapping. I just searched wire wrap earrings on Youtube and altered one of the first results that came up to fit what kind of beads I had.  It was a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  I had thought I had bought good wire at Michael's since it was so darn expensive but it breaks really easily and the slightest touch of my tools makes the orange underneath the silver poke through. :(
Otherwise, despite these earring's shortcomings they actually look pretty cute as long as you don't get super close to inspect their imperfections.

Next I made a wire wrap ring using a seashell my boyfriend gave to me from The Outer Banks. I didn't follow a tutorial for this one, I just winged it.  One of my lipstick tubes was the same size as my ring so I used that as my base and just wrapped and wrapped and eventually came out with something that worked.  

I am having lots of fun with wrapping and will definitely be doing more! :)

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