Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Costumes: Spooky Vampire and Darth Maul

For Halloween this year, much like last year, I did mine and my boyfriend's makeup!  Unfortunately I did not get to be as detailed with our looks as I had planned as we were accidentally running out of time during makeup application.  Regardless I still think we came out pretty adorable!

Here is us! My boyfriend is Darth Maul from Star Wars and I am a generic vampire.

My costume was pretty easy to put together. I also wore a little belt with the dress as it was baggy around the waist but I took this picture before putting it on.

I bought the teeth at least 6 years ago from Hottopic so I'm not sure if my exact type even exists anymore. I should probably get new ones....

My eye makeup was also really easy and pretty quick to do, which was good as my boyfriend's face took forever.  
On my lid I applied Urban Decay's Blackout as thick as possible.  I also blended this onto my lower lashline.  I then applied Blackbird Cosmetic's Ruca into my crease and all around my eye.  I also took a very little bit of Mary Kay's Iris and blended it between the black and red of my crease to help blend.  I drew on a wing with my Jesse's Girl liquid liner then took a small brush and drew out some faint black veins with Blackout, and then lightly went over them again with the liquid liner. 
I was going to put on some false lashes but my eyes were so dark they weren't even noticeable anyway, so I didn't bother.

 On my lips is Shiro Cosmetic's Red Wedding because it seriously looks like blood so I knew I had to wear it. As you can see here I also blended Ruca up to my temple to create a neat effect.  I patted my entire face after my usual foundation application with a matte white eyeshadow by NYX.  My contour and eye brows were also done with NYX's blush in Taupe.

This is unfortunately the only shot I have of my teeth.  the other one I took got blurry and I didn't realize it.  I forgot how big and uncomfortable these were so I ended up only really wearing these for pictures and the costume contest.

And here is one more angle of my face.

Here is my mom's costume! She did her own makeup and was just a generic ghoul, however she took some of her makeup inspiration from Sally of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

While I was doing my makeup my boyfriend was carefully covering his face with NYX's Primal Colors in Hot Red. I got this shadow just for his makeup look and it worked like a charm!  With a slightly damp sponge it applied opaque and evenly.  I am pretty impressed for a $5 product.  He covered it entire face and neck and the powder doesn't even look like it has a dent in it!
Then I went and traced the outline of the design with a black gel eyeliner that my mom had.  Unfortunately I did not look at the brand.  I then filled in with Urban Decay's Blackout.  This is when we started to run out of time so I did not get to do the black design above his lip or around his jaw.  Even without this portion his costume was very recognizable and looked really awesome from far away. I didn't get closer around his eyes with the black because his eyes don't take it well and I didn't want to risk his eyes watering and ruining the makeup.

Here is a mirror selfie of our full outfits! Even though we didn't do a matching couples costume I think we were still pretty awesome looking together.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Now to plan my costume for next year!

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