Friday, October 30, 2015

Jamberry Eerie Nights

Happy All Hallow's Eve everyone!
Well technically it is tomorrow but I will be busy doing my boyfriend's makeup as well as my own for a Halloween party Saturday so I won't be getting a post up that day.  Look forward to our costume looks though! I'm going to be a vampire and him Darth Maul.

Anyway what I do have for you today are my Halloween nails!  
I have been waiting to break out these babies for weeks!!

Jamberry currently has some limited edition Halloween themed wraps.  Many of them I would wear year round so I'm bummed they only last until January. Oh well.

Here is Eerie Nights.

Unfortunately the finish makes these difficult to get a good picture of but I really love the art on these wraps.  It is a nice mix of eerie and beautiful.  The graveyard scene is really lovely and quite unique in my opinion.  These are also in a new finish: satin.  So the good thing about these wraps is definitely the art work.  I got quite a few compliments on my nails from my students today.  Like how many other people are going to have a graveyard scene on their nails? Not many, so it really is a creepy and interesting design.  The bad would definitely be the satin finish.  First of all I had a lot of trouble getting these on.  They are so thin they wrinkle so much as soon as heat is applied.  I never have any bubbles on the tips of my nails but 24 hours after applying these I had one on almost every finger.  Also I would not consider these satin.  I thought satin meant a mix of matte and glossy however I feel like these are even more shiny than usual.  The extreme shine unfortunately detracts from the design.  It makes it hard to see the details of the art when most angles the wrap is just a glare.  I think it would have worked out much better to make this a mixed finish wrap with the headstones being matte and the sky being satin.  That way the black would have stood out a lot better from the yellowish blue sky.  

Besides my little quip with the finish I think these nails are really awesome and I can't wait to wear my other two Halloween wraps!

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