Monday, November 16, 2015

Bulu Box October 2015

It feels like forever since I've updated! Unfortunately because I get my packages shipped to my parents house instead of my city apartment out of paranoia it sometimes means I don't get my subscription boxes until much later than I should....I have this and two more that I will be hopefully putting together in the next week. Life is so crazy right now with the semester coming to a close and almost everything being due one after another meaning I never get a break.  It doesn't help that I am expected to take a huge new step in my research as well.  I'm exhausted and I can't wait for the holiday break.
As for Bulu box, I still love all the  little samples I get but unfortunately I haven't been to the gym in so long I feel like I won't be using some of these things until I get back to it.  Hopefully soon.  Hopefully. :(

I got a few energy enhancing items this box which is definitely necessary with how busy I am.  Every day is 8-12 hours, even most weekends so I need energy boosters, especially for mornings that I don't have time to make my usual cup of coffee. As before I will update the verdict section as I try these items.

Manitoba Harvest HempPro 70

I haven't even gotten a chance to try the vanilla flavor because of lack of gym time but I think I want to use these to make a breakfast smoothie sometime when I don't feel like eating cereal or eggs.

Initial Thoughts: While I prefer vanilla to chocolate I can see this going really well with some almond milk and strawberries.  Maybe I could even throw some coffee in there to really make an awesome breakfast smoothie!


Price: 312g for $25 so 15g for $1.20

E–Hydrate BCAA + Electrolytes + Energy Gel

Initial Thoughts: Oh gosh after my terrible experience with last months energy shot product I'm terrified to try these.....hopefully they don't taste disgusting too.  It is a gel texture apparently instead of a liquid.  Honestly not sure if that makes it better or worse....


Price: 24 for $48 so 2 for $4

Run Gum

Initial Thoughts: Caffeinated gum? Brilliant! I do wish I had gotten fruit instead of mint though, really not a fan of mint.  Even my toothpaste is citrus flavored.  Anyway I'm pretty excited about these.  I love gum and sometimes chew it before work or school so this is a great way to get my gum fix and also replace a cup of coffee when running late.

Verdict: This honestly just tasted like mint gum.  At first I tasted an odd flavor but it disappeared fairly quickly.  The flavor didn't last that long but the point of this is more for the caffeine rather than the gum I'd assume. I didn't fall asleep during work today without my morning coffee so I guess this worked! Not sure I'd buy it though as this isn't really a product I need.

Price: 12 packs for $18 so 1 pack for  $1.50

Jelly Belly Sport Beans

Initial Thoughts: Jelly Belly brand energy beans?! This is pretty sweet. I love jelly beans and I can't wait to give these a try.  This will be perfect for sticking in my purse as a mid day pick me up snack.
Price: 24 1oz bags for $28 so 1 .35oz bag for $0.40...I think.

Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Pain Relieving Ointment

Initial Thoughts:  Oh my when I go to the gym my thighs and glutes get especially sore so I can't wait to give this a try once I get my butt back to weight lifting.  Literally. I really like the name and logo too, I love tigers :P


Price: 18g for $13 so  2g for $1.44

NeoCell Beauty Infusion

Initial Thoughts:  I used to use water enhancers like crazy back when I "didn't like" plain water....-shudder-..I was such an idiot.  Anyway now I love water and don't really drink much besides water, coffee, and the occasional hot cocoa but I'll definitely be giving this a try! Yay collagen! I wish I had gotten a flavor other than orange though...its one of my least favorite artificial flavors.

Verdict: Well I mixed this into my daily water bottle fill up and it tastes like artificial orange which was meh right off the bat.  It says for optimal absorption to drink on an empty stomach.....well I hate right before and while sipping it between then and before my dinner my stomach became more and more nauseous.  The hungrier I got the more of lie...vomit aftertaste this beverage had.  I don't know if it was just because I hate fake orange or because it was at room temperature, but I dumped it without even drinking half of it.  Not a fan.

Price:  30 servings for $33 so 1 serving for $1.10

This month's box which cost me $5 with a coupon special they had going on came out to a total of $9.64.
If I was paying the full $10 for this I probably wouldn't be happy but I don't mind what I get for the $5 price I got it for.  I will probably keep this subscription for a while, its so fun to get new protein, energy, and vitamin products to try every month!

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