Sunday, November 22, 2015

My First Thirty-One Haul

A friend of mine hosted a 31 party and being the curious person I am I decided to check out what this company had to offer. I had looked through a catalog many years before and wasn't super impressed but they have some irresistible new patterns and offer things other than bags so I definitely found some things that I needed in my life.

I spent $44 and ended up with one giant tote, two storage baskets, a zipper pouch, and an adorable fox file. 

Let's start with the tote since I feel this is what the company is known for.  I actually wasn't planning on getting a tote but they had a special where if you spent a certain amount you could get a tote for $10 instead of $28, because I'm not a person that pays more than like $15 for a bag this was an exciting offer that I couldn't refuse. I got mine in the pattern Vintage Damask and oh my it is so gorgeous! I actually like it more in real life than in the product photo, the purple is darker and the damask pattern is more of a grey than a tan like I thought it would be.  It is very beautiful and I wish more things were offered in this pattern. 

As you can see this has a ton of space inside! The two baskets sit comfortably next to each other and with the wallet sticking straight up it is only halfway to the top.
I tote stuff back and forth between my apartment and my house all the time and some of my reusable shopping bags are getting holes in them, so this will be great for carrying a ton of stuff.  I may also use this as a bookbag from time to time.  It feels very sturdy so I'm confident it won't be breaking anytime soon. 

Look at this. It's a nail file. A fox nail file.  There was no way I could pass up this adorable little guy.  For only $2 I'm so excited to have this! I filed my nails with it earlier and while it isn't a heavy duty file it definitely does the job.  I'll probably be keeping this in my new fox print wallet. :D

Speaking of fox print wallets, I am obsessed with this Fox Trot pattern and have been looking for a larger wristlet anyway so this purchase was a definite yes.  My current one is too small and It is getting annoying trying to fit everything I need into it. The wrist strap is also from 31 but I had received it as a gift from my mom for use with another wallet, but because I need to have a fox wallet like immediately, I have transferred it to this.

I don't even know what to do with all this space! Everything in here barely fit in my old wallet and now there is so much room for things! I can keep my phone, some makeup items, and a change purse in here and not be pushing for space. I think this was a decent deal at $12.

And last but not least the hanging baskets! These are called Oh-Snap bins and are honestly the exact thing I need in my tiny limited storage apartment.  I am allowed to make nail sized holes in my walls so these are perfect hangable storage for me.  I just have to hammer in a nail, hang, fill, and I'm good! I wanted to get like 6 of these but my budget limited me to two.....

I decided on the pattern Fox Trot to match my zipper pouch and nail file as well as in Playful it doesn't look like this print exists anymore...awkward......which is a huge bummer because this is the pattern I would have gotten another basket in as it was the only other one I liked besides the foxes that was also bit more mature. Why isn't the Vintage Damask available in this product?! Anyway these were $10 each and the pretty black and white flower pattern is no longer available, so sorry if you liked it as much as I do :(

This is how I ended up using my snap bins.  The floral one is in my kitchen hanging by my window holding coffee, tea, and herbs.  The fox one is beside my vanity holding my 3 favorite palettes! 

They look so cute and add flair plus storage!

I am definitely pleased with everything I bought! :)

Want to get some cute things but don't know a consultant?  Here is the lovely lady I purchased from!

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