Saturday, June 21, 2014

NYX Macaron Lippies in Pistachio and Violet

When I first heard that NYX was coming out with an affordable line of brightly colored lipsticks I was SO EXCITED,  As soon as they were available online my friend and I placed an order.  Unfortunately because of my appendix and Turkey I am only now able to finally swatch them for you.

First up is Pistachio.  I bought this just because I had never seen anything quite like it before.  It is almost a light teal color.  Its very unique and pretty and my boyfriend says I look great in it and should wear it out in public.  We'll see if I can get there :P
The application of this lipstick is decent. It has great coverage but is a little bit patchy.

Because of my purple lipstick addiction of course I had to pick up Violet.  I love this color sooooo much and have worn it quite often since getting it.  It lasts for quite some time...about 4-6 hours which is very impressive for a $6 lipstick. It goes on very pigmented and even.

And finally here is the color you get when you mix Pistachio and Violet together. Its almost like a lavender light blue.  Vert interesting and very pretty. 
I really want to pick up a few more and experiment with even more mixing!
Do you have a favorite shade?

Where to buy:, Ulta
Price: $6


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