Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 2014 Ipsy Bag Review

I'm not doing a review for May's bag simply because I wasn't thrilled with anything in it except for the sunscreen, but that doesn't really make for an exciting blog post.  Therefore I am skipping to the June bag which was wonderful and amazing.

1.Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara

This mascara didn't clump but it didn't offer much as far as length or volume.  The brush also isn't anything special.   This is the same price as the Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara I use almost every day, and performs severely worse. Overall its pretty lack luster and while I will use it for days I want more natural lashes but I definitely would not buy this. 

Where to buy:
Price: $15

2. Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray

I unfortunately do not have much to say about this simply because my hair isn't long enough to get any use out of it.  It does smell nice, like coconut. Once my mom gets back from Turkey I'm sure she will use it but until then it will sit around the house unused.

Where to buy: Ulta, Drugstore,
Price:  $8.99 ($3.25)

3. NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee

I was super impressed with this product.  I was already looking into buying one but held off when I found out I was getting one in my next Ipsy bag.  First of all I can rarely find a nude that looks decent on me but this one definitely does.  I Love the color and will definitely be pairing it with some crazy Elecctric Palette looks.  It also goes on very easily, isn't sticky at all, and feels extremely moisturizing.  I would definitely buy this because I already have gone out and bought another color! Haha!

Where to buy: Target, Drugstore, Ulta
Price: $5

4. Jesse's Girl Waterproof Liquid Liner

So I keep hearing that this eye liner explodes for some people upon opening.  Well I've opened it about 5 times and I've still witnessed no explosions.  It is a huge shame if that is seriously an issue because I absolutely adore this liner.  It is so easy to use, I can make crazy thin lines, and can do a perfect wing very quickly.  It also seems to last for quite some time.  I'll wait to see how many more people have issues with this but I'm seriously considering buying this to replace my Stila liner I used to use.

Where to buy:
Price: $6.99

Here is an eye look I did using the Be a Bombshell Mascara and the Jesse's Girl liquid liner.  As you can see teh liner is awesome and the mascara is...well...not. The eye shadow is Revolt, Urban, and Jilted from the Electric Palette.

5. Skinn Olive & Enzyme Cleanser

I have nothing bad to say about this cleanser.  It smells nice and seems to remove all my makeup.  It also has a more creamy consistency which I prefer over an oily runny one.  I did wake up with a pimple this morning but I am unsure if they are related.  Further testing is required.  I don't think I'd buy it but I will enjoy using it while I have it.

Where to buy:
Price: $24 ($12)

Total price of bag: $42.25
So I got over $40 worth of product for $10.  Seriously Ipsy how are you so amazing. Haha!
If you would like to sign up for an Ipsy bag click my rat! Thanks for reading!

What was your favorite thing in this months bag?

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