Tuesday, October 27, 2015

J Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paints in Spoke Fancy,Talking Flowers, and Splashed

I already own a few other shades of J Cat's lip paint so when I got a discount from their online store through Ipsy I decided to place another order for 3 more! 
These lip paints are a long lasting and affordable lip tar dupe.  They are obviously not near as high quality as OCC's lip tars but are a good alternative if you don't have the money for the high end version.

I decided on Spoke Fancy, Talking Flowers, and Splashed.

Spoke Fancy is an absolutely gorgeous deep almost metallic berry.  This shade goes on like a dream.  After blotting it is even and provides a pigmented opaque color.  It also lasts all day for me with only minor fading in the center if I eat a particularly greasy meal. I reach for this shade the most out of these three.

Splashed is a mid toned blue that I picked up mostly for mixing purposes.  When added to pinks and reds it helps give them a more purple hue.  Unfortunately this lip paint really doesn't work on its own.  Unlike the others I own it fades quickly and easily.  I'm not sure what makes this formula so different but it only looks like the above picture for about an hour regardless of eating or drinking.

The finaly shade I bought is Talking Flowers.  This is a pinkish purple that looks really great with dark clothing and eye makeup.  It adds a gorgeous pop of color that is wearable yet still unique.  It also lasts all day except for fading in the middle after some meals.
As a side note these lip paints NEED to be blotted after applying as they tend to go on way to thick, at least for me.

I am still a fan of J Cat's lip paints, even if they aren't as long lasting as lip tars.  They are so so so affordable and last pretty long for the price, especially compared to drugstore brand lipsticks at similar prices.
If you want to try out a liquid lipstick for the first time to see if its for you or if you really want a color mixing purposes but can't see spending a fortune on an odd color like yellow or blue, then I would definitely recommend giving these a try!

Where to buy: jcatbeauty.com

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