Sunday, July 27, 2014

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in Auburn/Red

I recently started caring about my eyebrows and began filling them in using a brow pencil I got in an Ipsy bag by Chella. It worked great until it was almost gone and I also went and dyed my hair red. Therefore I set out to find a reddish brown eyebrow kit of some sort. Since NYX is one of my favorite brands it shouldn't be too surprising that I picked up.....

Yay! It comes with wax, a light brown, a reddish brown, and a mini brush and spoolie.  So cute! Now I am by no means a pro at doing eye brows.  My method might even be totally weird and wrong but its how I do it so I figured I'd share my process!

First I dip my finger in the wax and spread it over my brow to make all the hairs go in the correct direction.

Next I dip the mini brush in the light brown and kind of slowly create a defined squarish edge on my inner brow.  Luckily the mini brush is the same height as my preferred brow thickness so I just hold it vertical and fill in.

Next I dip it in the reddish brown and fill in my brows holding the mini brush horizontally  I try not to fill in too thick and I don't really do much defining here.  I just darken in the middle and let me natural brows create the edge.

Finally I take the mini spoolie and comb through my brows to blend out the powder!

And yay this is the finished product! This stuff holds up pretty well.  sometimes I will do my eye brows before bed and then wake up and go to work the next morning with perfect brows.

Overall I love this product and am really glad I picked it up!

Where to buy: Ulta, drugstore,
Price: $6.00


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