Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kat Von D Vs Formula X Studded X: Mini Lip + Nail Polish Duo Poe

While out shopping with my friend we took a necessary stop at Sephora.  It wasn't quite December yet but I was really hoping they would give me my birthday gift and luckily they did!  While checking out I spotted these super cute Kat Von D Vs Formula X packs of a matching lipstick and nail polish duo.  I looove Kat Vond D so naturally I made an impulse buy and picked one up.  Naturally I snatched the purple one.

On the front the lipstick looks like a gorgeous deep purple.

And this assumption is confirmed on the back of the packaging.  this looks purple right? Right!?

Well I got this box home and opened it up only to find it contained Poe, a shimmery navy shade.  I wanted a deep blue lipstick anyway....but seriously? At least advertise with the correct colors. I have to admit I was a bit disappointed as I was definitely expecting a purple lipstick as shown. But live and let die, right?

Here is what you get for the $15 price tag.  the lipstick is decently sized but I was definitely expecting a larger nail polish considering last year I got two full sized Formula X polishes for $10.

In the bottle the nail polish looks very purple and shimmery and beautiful but as we will see it doesn't apply as such. I have no idea what color this is as it doesn't specify anywhere.

Even just looking inside you can see how blue it appears, not at all like the outside.

And yep its pretty darn navy.  Sometimes in the right light you can see purple shimmer but overall its a very dark blue. In a lack of light it almost looks black. Excuse the little slivers of felt...they got stuck to my nails and I didn't notice... 

I won't lie, I like this nail polish I just can't believe Kat Von D would advertise this as purple.....
Its lasted a full 24 hours so far without chipping and that is pretty long for me, as I'm really hard on nail polish.

And here's Poe!  It is definitely not purple.  Not even close.  Its a gorgeous blue but...Why Kat Von D....Why put a picture of purple lips on the box....why....
In this picture sample size Poe is next to full sized Wolfsmouth.  You get a pretty decent amount of product and the tiny size makes it much easier to apply. I wouldn't want to spend the full price on this as its a color I wouldn't wear often so I am happy I now own it in a mini size.

On the lips it is a very stunning deep blue.  Not too deep that it looks black but deep enough that it is wearable.  It has tiny specks of gold shimmer that honestly isn't too terribly noticeable.  My friend did a guest post on my blog reviewing this lipstick and she said it was very patchy and dry.  I haven't experienced this at all with Poe.  It is very possible that they have revamped their formula to be better, as she bought this lipstick a year ago. This goes on creamy, even, and opaque.  I feel its much more moisturizing than Wolfsmouth which actively cracks my lips after wearing it all day.

Overall I'm very happy with the products but a bit confused why it was decided to put blue products into a purple box.

Where to buy: Sephora
Price: $15

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