Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jamberry Tannenbaum

I'm so sorry for the disappearance.  Finals and then the holidays really messed up by blog schedule.  However now that Christmas is over I hope to get a few done before the new year.  I already have two unboxing videos made and have some ideas for future posts, so yay!

I hope everyone had a great holiday this year.  For my Christmas manicure I bought Tannenbaum from Jamberry.  They are slightly metallic and have blurred dots in red, gray, and white.  I wanted to get these up before Christmas but it just didn't happen...so here they are a bit late.  These will be retiring after the new year so if you like how they look grab them asap! 

Honestly I don't think they l look as great as I had imagined them but they were a nice holiday specific nail for me to have on hand for the season.
I also had issues with these lifting and they are once again the satin finish.  I think I'm going to avoid purchasing any satins in the future just because I don't seem to have a lot of luck with them.

Here is a bonus picture I took of my sweet pup on Christmas morning <3

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